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A modern practice with a gentle,
thorough & compassionate touch

A Modern Practice with a Gentle Touch

We are a general dental practice with an emphasis on preventative and restorative dentistry. We offer a needs-based treatment approach and are dedicated to providing excellent patient service. We are concerned with your health and comfort and offer a personalized, caring environment. Over the years, we have worked to successfully achieve dental treatment for many patients with fear and anxiety issues.
women in yoga class - Karen Coslett L. DDS in Hollister, CA
Elderly couple - Karen Coslett L Dds in Hollister, CA
parents with their children - Karen Coslett L DDS in Hollister, CA
Dr. Coslett treats patients of all ages and especially enjoys serving the older population of the area. We focus on restoring dental health followed by educating patients so they may maintain their improved dental health moving forward. We can't change the past, but we can move forward implementing better techniques for treatment and home care maintenance.
Dr. Coslett has been practicing in Soquel since 1986.
Dentist with child - Karen Coslett L DDS in California


• General Dentistry
• Cosmetic Crowns & Bridges
• Implants / Reconstructive Work
• Custom Made Dentures That Look Natural
• Denture Repairs
• Periodontal Therapy
• Emergency Care

about dr. karen coslett

I love being a dentist. I get to do something for people that they can't do for themselves. As a child, I wanted to do three things: build stuff, become a pilot, and be a doctor.

Dentistry allows me to build all kinds of things (usually associated with teeth) and be a doctor. I guess the flying will come later. During college (University of the Pacific), I decided to go into dentistry instead of medical school. I completed my schooling in San Francisco, graduating in 1982 from University of the Pacific's School of Dentistry.

Before applying to dental school, I had the privilege to work in a dental office with two partners; first as an observer, and eventually over time, as an assistant. I saw the many hats they wore, roles they filled, and tasks they accomplished. I heard their philosophies and observed how they interacted with patients and staff members. At the end of the year, I was sure that dentistry was the place for me.

There are so many components of dentistry that interest me. There's the doctor, the engineer and builder, the teacher, the psychologist, the motivational coach, manager, business owner, scientist, health professional and more. It's gratifying to prevent teeth from being lost due to decay or periodontal disease. To allow a person with no hope of wearing a denture to laugh, smile and eat with an implant-retained denture is incredibly exciting and wonderful. Sometimes it's a challenge to understand what a symptom really means, or how to deal with a fearful patient, but the satisfaction of meeting those challenges keeps me coming back for more.

My hunger for continuing education keeps me up-to-date on the latest procedures, techniques, and materials that science and technology have to offer. Though I am not one to experiment with my patients, neither will I ever become a dinosaur.

In my practice, I think it's vital to have you, the patient, as a partner in your health care. Good health is not achieved by my efforts alone. It's a joint collaboration and effort by all of us: you, me, and my entire staff.

On a personal note, my love for taking care of others has been inherited by my daughters - Michelle, is in Medical School and Katie is in Vet School.